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* Courses with the asterisk are available in English and Spanish

Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor Initial 

Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor Refresher

Asbestos Inspector Initial 

Asbestos Inspector Refresher

Wisconsin Asbestos Management Planer Refresher

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Initial* 

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Refresher* 

Asbestos Awareness* 

Asbestos Worker Initial (Spanish)

Asbestos Worker Refresher*

Asbestos Exterior Initial*

Biohazard Awareness* 

Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness*

Covid-19 Awareness*

Confined Spaces Entry Initial*

Confined Space Entry Refresher*

Crystalline Silica Awareness and Compliance*

Drywall Installation and Repair*

English program for company employees

Fall Protection*

Hot Work / Fire Watch Attendant*

Forklift Safety*

First Aid / CPR*

Global Harmonized Systems Integration*

Hazardous Waste Site Worker Initial (HazWoper)*

Hazardous Waste Site Worker Refresher*

Hazard Communication Compliance* 

Hazardous Materials Awareness* 

Hand and Power Tool Safety* 

HVAC Installation and Repair*

Ladder Safety* 

Lead Paint Contractor / Supervisor Initial* 

Lead Paint Contractor / Supervisor Refresher

Lead Paint Abatement Worker Initial*

Lead Paint Abatement Worker Refresher*

Lead Paint Awareness* 

Lead Inspector Initial 

Lead Inspector Refresher

Mold Remediation Technician*

Mold Remediation Contractor*

OSHA 30-hour Safety for Construction Industry*

OSHA 10-hour for Construction Industry*

OSHA Safety Compliance*

Principles of Safety in Construction*

Power Tool Safety Awareness*

Respirator Fit Test*

Respirator Compliance Training* 

Residential Electrical Wiring Basics*

Silica Awareness and Compliance*

* Courses with the asterisk are available in English and Spanish



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